XM Data Strategies

Without Data, all we have are opinions

XM Data Strategies provides specialized business analytic and database development services. We develop and implement infrastructures that enable you to access business information easily and quickly. Our research and consulting services help you analyze your data to discover factors that drive your success and provide the means for sharing results.


Visual & Advanced Analytics

Smart Analytics

For C Suite Executives, we deliver "Zip Line" Solutions to travel through the Big Data “jungle”, helping them enable Brand building and Boost Perforances/Revenues and Improved Operations.


Data Hosting, Processing and Management

For Business Area leaders, we can provide Hosting and/or Processing and Management of Datawarehouse Solutions, which will provide a hetrogeneous environment collaborating information from across the industry and help them map growth potential, market trends, identify and implement KPI's, develop and implement Business Strategies.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

XM Data Strategies, provide end to end BI solutions for Business Leaders. We build a pipeline of information through Mobile/Desktop Based reporting solutions. XM Smart Analytics will provide Advanced Subject related Analytics, AdHoc Reporting and information delivery.

Our Clients

  • Human Resources Intelligence
  • Operations Analytics
  • Real Estate Development
  • Customer and Business Insights
  • McDonalds Corporation

  • Promotion Tracking and Analytics
  • Coca-Cola Company

  • Beer Division Hispanic Market Tracker
  • Beer Industry Insights
  • Constellation Brands, Inc.

  • Lions Worldwide Activity Analysis
  • Lions Fundraise Forcasting
  • Lions Club International